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Acomat’s Leap at Black Point… For the colour of the pool !


Acomat’s Leap at Black Point… For the colour of the pool !

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Waterfall in Guadeloupe


Acomat’s Leap is one of the numerous and magnificent waterfalls of Guadeloupe.

It is situated at Black Point, at the place called ‘Les Plaines’ (The Plains) just before the Caribbean beach.

After taking the direction for Acomat, turn right at the small chapel and go down the road to park where the road forks.

Once you have left your vehicle, you have a short 15 minute walk before arriving at the river which you should cross and then follow to reach this famous waterfall and enjoy the sublime setting.

The water is a gorgeous emerald green colour!

Enjoy a swim in the pool hollowed out by nature in the stone!

Ensure you are well equipped and wear good hiking boots; the ground is quite steep in places with one particularly steep slope.
Picnics are authorised, although there is not an equipped picnic site, and it is a

popular and friendly place for Guadeloupians to meet with friends or family for picnicking at weekends in the shade of the tropical forest.

You can swim here but diving is absolutely forbidden. Rockslides have created piles of rocks in the pool so diving is actually very dangerous here. Ensure you check the weather forecast before you visit this place.

The river water level can rise rapidly when it rains and it is not recommended to visit this area in heavy rain as you may find yourself stranded.

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