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The Ti Punch, an established part of West Indian life !


The Ti Punch, an established part of West Indian life !

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The Ti Punch is a true institution in the West Indies, and here is its true recipe !

For 1 glass:
– 1/4 of a lime
– 1/2 measure of cane syrup
– 4 measures of white rum
Place the cane syrup into the glass.
Cut the lime in quarters and crush it into the cane syrup.
Add the rum.
Mix with love.
It’s ready, drink and enjoy !

In the French West Indies, the rum is agricultural, meaning that it is produced from pure sugar cane juice, contrary to rums from other islands that are made from molasses.

The Distilleries in Guadeloupe
In 1939 there were 55 rum distilleries in Guadeloupe. In 1954 there were still 37 but since the beginning of the 70s we count only 9 that remain !
In Guadeloupe we distinguish between ‘smoking’ and ‘non-smoking’ distilleries.
A ‘smoking’ distillery is one that still operates its own distilling column each year thereby producing rum, sometimes for several different companies.
A ‘non-smoking’ distillery is an old distillery that is no longer active. The brand of rum is actually produced by another, ‘smoking’, distillery. Sometimes part of the distillery may be still active, for example it may continue to bottle its rum brand or age its rums on-site.

In Guadeloupe, 9 ‘smoking’ distilleries are still in productive activity, 3 of those in Marie Galante.

Here is a list of the agricultural distilleries still in activity in 2014 in Guadeloupe, and the different brands of Guadeloupe rum:
Bologne Distillery
The Bologne rum is an agricultural rum produced in Basse-Terre, Guadeloupe since 1930.
Damoiseau Distillery
Since 1942, the Damoiseau distillery has distilled its particular ‘Rhum Damoiseau au Moule’.
Carrere Distillery
The Carrere Distillery has produced its Montebello rum at Petit Bourg since 1930.
Esperance Distillery
The Esperance distillery, created in 1895 at Capesterre-Belle-Eau is the oldest in Guadeloupe that is still active. The Longueteau and Karukéra rums are produced at the same magnificent domain, that of the Marquisat de Sainte-Marie, at Capesterre-Belle-Eau.
Domaine de Severin distillery
The Severin rum has been produced in the parish of Sainte Rose since 1928.
Reimonenq distillery
The Reimanenq distillery, created in 1916, is located in the parish of Sainte Rose and produces the Coeur de Chauffe rum.
Bielle Distillery
The Bielle distillery was founded at the end of the 19th Century. Rhum Bielle is an agricultural rum produced at Grand-Bourg in Marie Galante.
Domaine de Bellevue
The Bellevue rum is produced at Capesterre in Marie Galante.
Grand Anse Distillery, ‘Poisson’ Distillery
The ‘Poisson’ Distillery produces the rum ‘du Père Labat’. This rum has the particularity of having an alcohol content of 59°. The ‘Rhum du Père Labat’ is an agricultural rum produced at Grand Bourg in Marie Galante since 1860.

It is important to note that at the beginning of every stay in a bungalow in the Piton Bungalows at Deshaies in Guadeloupe, a ‘Welcome’ Ti Punch is offered to greet you in a typically warm Guadeloupian manner!