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Old postcards of Guadeloupe.


Old postcards of Guadeloupe.

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What better way to delve into the past than with old postcards? These speaking relics of the past always allow us to learn a little more about the present. In this article, we will present striking before and after comparisons of old and recent photographs of Guadeloupe.

But first, a bit of history!

The first postcards of Guadeloupe appeared around 1901, with Phos being the first known publisher. Throughout the years, different publishers succeeded one another, each adding their own touch, resulting in numerous black and white and color prints that capture different eras. Around 1900 different postcards are referenced in the departmental archives, and we invite you to discover some of them.

Église de Deshaies

Eglise Deshaies

Saut de la lézarde

saut de la lézarde

Gros Morne de Deshaies

gros morne
gros morne 2

Plage de Grande Anse

grande anse
grande anse 2

Cathédrale de Pointe à Pitre

cathédrale pointe à pitre
cathédrale pointe à pitre 2

Blason de la ville de Deshaies

blason deshaies
blason deshaies 2

Vue sur le bourg de Deshaies

bourg de deshaies
bourg de deshaies 2

Marché de Pointe à Pitre

point à pitre
Le différents pêcheurs vendent différents types de poissons.

Église de Capesterre

église capesterre
église capesterre 2

Rue Frébault Pointe à Pitre

Rue frébault
Rue frébault 2

Bonus : Carte Postale Ancienne de Piton Bungalows

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