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Not to be missed, Lizard’s Leap !


Not to be missed, Lizard’s Leap !

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The ‘Saut de la Lézarde’…. A waterfall about ten metres high that falls into a pool of around 25 metres diameter !

Lizard’s Leap is one of the most beautiful sites of Guadeloupe !

Its name originates from the winding shape of the river through the tropical forest leading to the waterfall, like the shape of a lizard’s path. Lizard’s Leap is situated in the parish of Petit Bourg.

The waterfalls at the ‘Lézarde’ could be described as dreamlike, you have the feeling that you are in a film and that Indiana Jones could suddenly emerge at any time !

Apart from the muddy and slippery track, or ‘trace’ (a hiking path is called a ‘Trace’ in Guadeloupe), the walk itself is very pleasant. There is plenty to see along the path leading to the waterfall and its pool.

We only come upon the waterfall and its pool at the last moment, it suddenly comes into full view… the sight is truly breathtaking !

The waterfall pours into a magnificent pool in which it is highly recommended to bathe and refresh yourself before your return.

The deep green luxuriant vegetation surrounding and above the pool, and the little streams running here and there, further enhance the beauty of this location…

The beginning of the hike is from the car park of an abandoned restaurant (to get there take the ‘Route de la Traversée’ in the direction of Vernou, then follow the signs for ‘Hauteurs Lézarde’. At the crossing, turn right. Watch carefully for a wooden sign indicating the direction of the waterfall. Stop at number 11 and park your vehicle at the side of the road.)
From there a path leads down to the waterfall. Take care as this path is always muddy and slippery; ensure you are wearing strong hiking boots!
The path is not marked by signs but is still easy to follow due to all the footprints of previous visitors. It will take approximately a half hour to reach the waterfall, the path descends by around 80 metres overall.
The return is by the same path and takes less than a half hour.
The walk is fairly easy although the slope can be fairly steep at times.

It should be noted that access has been officially closed for years now… It is therefore extremely important that you take care and remain prudent, follow the track carefully !

On your return from the hike, why not take a few moments to relax in the hammock on your bungalow terrace at Piton Bungalows !