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Discovering the wonders of Guadeloupe with Blue Lagoon.


Discovering the wonders of Guadeloupe with Blue Lagoon.

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Indispensable lung of Guadeloupe, the mangrove now covers over 8,000 hectares in the archipelago. Long destroyed in favor of the island’s industrialization, its importance is now more than proven, and its preservation is vital.

Half of its surface is now protected by the National Park in a lagoon called the “Grand Cul de Sac Marin”, a reserve kept intact thanks to the coral reef that protects it, and more recently, thanks to the human action of enthusiasts who will make you discover this fragile environment to raise awareness and make you active participants in its survival.

Located on the port of Sainte Rose, the Blue Lagoon team offers you a unique excursion to discover this incredible ecosystem. Upon arrival at their cabin, you will be welcomed by their team, consisting of more than just certified captains but a family of enthusiasts who are eager to teach you everything they know about the subject and involve you in this cause dear to their hearts.

The excursion they offer is conducted in small groups of up to 12 people. The unique feature of their boats is that they have a flat bottom, allowing access to hidden places where the depth sometimes reaches less than a meter, offering a unique and comprehensive visit to the most secret and inaccessible areas of the Grand Cul de Sac Marin.

Jean-Eudes, the owner, has acquired precious knowledge in this field after 15 years of experience, and he will share it with his team of captains: Clément, Max, Jérémie, and Matthieu. After several years of sailing individually, they all came together around the same passion: to make you discover and, above all, understand the importance of the mangrove and the immense ecosystem of which it is a part.

Through their excursion, they will present to you, with humor and pedagogy, the wonders of this natural environment where their expert eye is essential to look where it matters. You will also be able to enjoy the beauty resulting from this perfect alchemy of nature by swimming in turquoise waters that are even more beautiful on-site than in any photos you may find on the internet.

Blue Lagoon is a complete success, both in terms of their ecological approach and their passion for sharing their knowledge with you.

As for the setting, it will leave you with a timeless memory of our beautiful island, and when you look at your vacation pictures after returning home, it will surely make you want to come back.

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